Snapchat users who want to sext

Snapchat answered this call, and the app generation has switched over in large numbers; some numbers say there are 100 million active monthly users, but that could be closer to 200 million, and users send 400 million snaps per day.

Most of Snapchat’s users are girls, making up around 75% of all users, and a third of teens in the US use the app on their smartphones­ clearly this is the app parents would want to download if they want to destroy the ever­so­important social lives of their moody children.

From the main screen, swipe right to view stories, holding your finger on a specific user’s Story to view it.

For those unfamiliar to Snapchat, Stories is a feature that allows users to upload photos or videos or a mix of both that stay viewable for 24 hours, rather than simply fading away after one viewing.

The belief, well-founded or not, could have important implications for how Snapchat is advertised.

The two needed someone to develop the idea, which would eventually be in the form of an app, so they sought out Bobby Murphy, a recent graduate from their university, Stanford.Snapchat, the unofficial sexting app where you can send photos and videos that vanish into the cosmos after a few seconds, has grown significantly over the past few years.Its beginning is somewhat of a spicy topic, as the generator of the idea, Reggie Brown, filed a lawsuit against the two people behind the app’s formulation and development, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy (which was settled in September 2014 for an undisclosed amount and Brown was credited with the creation of the idea behind the app).The app itself is well developed and with recent updates has become seamless for users; there is no need to activate the camera as when the app opens it is already done for you.If you want to add a user to your contact list, tap the ghost icon, and you can even see who has added you recently.

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As the researchers found, the content of those snaps isn't quite what you'd expect: despite Snapchat's reputation for being "illicit," only 1.6 percent of respondents used the app primarily for sending sensitive or sexual material.

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