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Kokilaben had lots of faith in GOD and she was very religious. Kokilaben gave him rice and dal and she folded her both hands and said “namste” (greetings). · If possible, go to SAI BABA’s temple to have SAIBABA’s darshan on these Nine Thursday.

She was tolerating all her problems silently having lots of faith in GOD that GOD will make everything all right one day. Saint replied “SAI will always keep you happy.” Kokilaben said “There is no happiness in my life” and she told all her problems to the saint. · On these Nine Thursday, individual who is doing vrat can eat fruit/milk/sweets etc. · At home, do pooja / prayer of SAI BABA as follows.

It is the advice that, Show the pity, Give the Charity, control yourself & you will be happy.

In this way Baba advised common people through Charity.

It is explained in Saileela, that Yadna is not possible without money.

Baba asked for Charity to relieve the common devotee from the pit of temptation and to safeguard the interest of him. Baba told His devotees What ever to be given should be given faithfully. This preaching about common behavior is for the well being of Sai devotees.

· If female is doing this Vrat, skip the Thursday during Menstrual Cycle period. In this celebration process, feed 5 poor people and distribute this SAI VRAT book among people. · Put this SAI VRAT Story Book or printed paper , which you are going to distribute among people, when you do pooja and then give them to people.

By doing this, their wishes will be fulfilled very soon too. In this Kali Age (Kaliyug), this vrat is very effective. Her sister-in-law went to Surat and she sent a letter after few days.

But because of Maheshbhai’s nature, their business went down gradually and there was not enough income. After listening to all her problems, Saint told her about“SAI NAV (NINE) GURUWAR (THURSDAY) VRAT”. · This Vrath can be started from any Thursday by uttering SAI BABA’s name. · In the morning or in the evening, do the pooja as mentioned below.

He started staying at home all day and his nature become worst. · Put Yellow Cloth in front of you and place SAI BABA’s Photo or Statue on this cloth. · Wash or wipe BABA’s picture with clean water and cloth.

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