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Rick Wilber's War Bride is an alien invasion piece inspired by the US's involvement with Subic Bay. uses the many-worlds hypothesis to explore the interplay between love and disgust. Scott Baker's The Jamesburg Incubus turns traditional ideas of magic and social conformity into a new level of symbiotic love.

One of the more sexy/plausible stories in this book.

Most of mankind have been erased, but a few still live in hiding, struggling to survive. Even Old Gods immeasurable by time and age craved to feel warmth.

They could communicate, yes, but culturally they were still worlds apart. I'm one of many who served in the Resistance, and my family is small, comparatively.

Elisa brings them a little closer together, by giving him a name. The very fabric of space and time shuddered at his touch. Paaran Shie has fourteen brothers and sisters.""Which is crazy.""It's an average number.""For Angara. I get that she doesn't raise the kids on her own, but damn.""It is a blessing to have so many children; I would be ecstatic if you gave me as many."A sudden silence fell over the Pathfinder Quarters.

A few people working in the hanger look over to see what the exo finds so funny.

He flicks away whatever he pulled from his glove “Then shoot the guy, give him a whack, you’re no stranger to rough and tumble with the fallen,” he winks at you “Or, maybe the big guy is working up the courage to ask you out for dinner.” Then everything turned downward when Ollie reached the base on Eos and immediately had a crush on a Turian as soon as he stepped out of the ship.

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William Gibson provides the foreword "Strange Attractors," in which he asks how one goes about writing about the alienness of sex against the global backdrop of AIDS.

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