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The game has received universal acclaim but was criticized for the extensive use of the Batmobile combat segments.The PC port was released to widespread criticism over performance issues and technical glitches, eventually leading to the PC version being pulled from online retailers and digital distributors for months.He is exposed to the fear toxin, which reacts with his own mutated blood to cause hallucinations of the Joker, and Scarecrow flees.Escaping from Ace Chemicals, Batman discovers that Barbara has been abducted by the Arkham Knight.Travelling to Batman's quarantine base in the Panessa Movie Studios, Batman speaks with Robin about his progress in finding a cure for the Joker mutations, but knowing that Robin's civilian identity Tim Drake was dating Barbara, he does not tell him about her death.Harley Quinn has taken over the studios, planning to gather the mutated citizens and keep the Joker's legacy alive through them.While most were cured, the patients who were not treated are starting to look and act like the Joker.

Gordon apologizes for his anger and says he has never forgotten how he met Bruce Wayne on the night of his parents' death, since he now knows Batman's identity.

Nine months after the Joker's death, crime rates in Gotham City have dramatically declined, but Batman anticipates a new threat and maintains a vigil over the city.

Before his death, the Joker sent his mutated blood to Gotham's hospitals, and several patients were infected.

However, Batman refuses to be apprehended until Scarecrow has been stopped, and locks Robin in a holding cell.

The Arkham Knight activates the Cloudburst device, flooding Gotham City with fear toxin.

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The game is the third game in the franchise to be developed by Rocksteady, the team which created both Asylum and City.

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