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Does this time window solely relate to a similar age-related gene expression, or are there epigenetic factors involved that might also explain low observed twin concordance?

The genetic (and epigenetic) models for different IFEs, their comorbidities, and their similarities to other neurodevelopmental disorders deserve investigation in the coming years.

In the last few decades, the clinical symptomatology and the respective courses of many IFEs have been described, although they are still not widely appreciated beyond the specialist community.

Most neurologists would recognise the core syndromes of IFE to comprise: benign epilepsy of childhood with centro-temporal spikes or Rolandic epilepsy (BECTS/RE); Panayiotopoulos syndrome; and the idiopathic occipital epilepsies (Gastaut and photosensitive types).

What are the shared mechanisms of comorbidity between epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders?

How do focal EEG discharges impact cognitive functioning?

PMID: 28775955 Abstract Author(s): Soyoung Park, Eun Joo Lee, Soyong Eom, Hoon-Chul Kang, Joon Soo Lee, Heung Dong Kim Article Affiliation: Soyoung Park Abstract: BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: In the present study, we reviewed the outcome of ketogenic diet (KD) use for the management of epilepsy in children with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC).In so doing, we will probably learn much about normal brain functioning.This is because these disorders, perhaps more than any other human brain disease, are disorders of functional brain systems (even though these functional networks may not yet be fully defined).Certainly most of these disorders are not associated with the devastating cognitive and behavioural problems seen with early childhood epileptic encephalopathies, such as West or Dravet syndromes.However, it is clear that specific, and sometimes persistent, neuropsychological deficits in attention, language and literacy accompany many of the IFEs that, when multiplied by the large numbers affected, make up a significant public health problem.

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