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Many are married, to partners with whom they are not comfortable discussing their submissive tendencies.Many men fear that exploration in the femdom realm will be discovered, and that they will be stigmatized as "perverted" or "kinky" because of their submissive proclivities.Have you fantasized about being intoxicated and then coerced to perform humiliating acts?We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Please Your Mistress community.Explore the natural connection between Femdom and Male Chastity in this article contributed by Ms Heather of Cock Control.Though you may not be in the position to explore your submissive side in person, your submissive tendencies will demand to be heard, and acknowledged.

The imbalance between Dominant Women and submissive men is explored in depth in this work by Ms Courtney.

The more you try to ignore your submissive feelings, the stronger they will become. Some find value in writing or journalling about their submissive fantasies.

So understand this: If you're a submissive, there is no way to change this. Some men join online communities where they can enjoy the benefits of expression while at the same time maintaining their much-valued anonymity.

It is basic Psychology-101: If you have strong urges, thoughts or tendencies, and you try to supress them, they will find a way to come out.

Being in control of your outlets of expression of your erotic urges and thoughts puts you in a much more desirable place.

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