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While I have been spared some manifestations of OCD, I have not been spared the affliction of religious scrupulosity.

This involves an obsessive fear of offending God, incurring the guilt of mortal sin, and suffering eternal punishment.

I assumed – wrongly – that it would get better “on its own.” In fact, it got worse during my 20s.

Even during my years as an atheist (roughly ages 9 to 21), I sometimes experienced a kind of “secular scrupulosity,” sometimes called Moral OCD.

As a Catholic, I have not always lived with scrupulosity; but the problem has persisted since it first began some years ago.

One of the odd things about OCD and scrupulosity – and similar problems like depression – is how long it can take a person to become motivated to make changes.

For people who are already sociable, using the Internet as a dating method is just one more tool at their disposal.

Someone could slip on the wet floor, fracture their skull, and be paralyzed.” “Maybe I didn’t shut the lobby door hard enough when I left the apartment.

What if someone gains access to the building and commits a crime? What if I actually killed a pedestrian, and didn’t even know it? Compulsions are the various things we do, either to try and fix these supposed mistakes (grab paper towels from the bathroom and start blottting the floor; drive home and repeatedly re-close the door; drive around in circles “making sure” there is no dead jogger), or to guard against them.

But not all sociable folks consider the use of Internet dating.

If you have high self-esteem and consider romantic relationships to be an important part of your life, you’re more likely to use Internet dating.

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