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We've just finished riding the Wonder Wheel maybe 10,000 times—you can ride the Wonder Wheel unmolested all day if you're Christian Slater—and now maybe we've got time for one more ride? He drank too much, drugged too much, punched people too much. That's why, in all of my fantasy interviews with Christian Slater—and I am not really exaggerating that much when I say that the prospect of a Christian Slater interview may have propelled a young, soulless Gen X'er into this specific career here in front of you today— I never imagined a moment when we sat like yuppies in an amusement park surrounded by families and not even smoking one cigarette. It's a beautiful spring day, and the Wonder Wheel was such a trip—"There's fsociety," he'd said, pointing at an arcade, as we dangled over Coney Island beach—and it filled him with good memories of his first day shooting At Coney Island, the only thing more iconic than the Wonder Wheel is the Cyclone—the great old wooden rollercoaster—but when I suggest it, Christian Slater smiles even bigger, then shakes his head and says no. For the next few years, each of his subsequent roles, from the confounding (), tries to bank on this same angsty, unnerving charm. Another time, while he was getting arrested for assault, he got extra arrested for going for the arresting officer's gun.He is someone who makes Good Choices now after many documented years of making bad ones, someone who has decided that any remaining darkness in his soul can be played out through his characters onscreen—someone who at age 47 is delighted, but mostly relieved, to be alive to witness the quiet but pointy peak of his long career. But happy as I am for him, I am also absolutely gutted over the experience.

Hines asked Slater if he “regretted his wilder years,” to which Slater unequivocally replied, “No, no.I regret nothing.” When Hines asked him about the recent environment in Hollywood and if he had any advice for people caught in recent sexual harassment scandals, Slater replied that “this is such a particular time where we’ve really hit a moment when such extraordinary change has to take place so I’m happy that women’s voices are being taken seriously and this age of secrecy and abuse of power era has to come to an end.I want women and all people to feel comfortable in the workplace, and I try to have that environment in my work.”But Hines pressed Slater further.Christian thought he had the best seat in the house: in the wings just off-stage. He was always accompanied by a family member or family friend, but maybe his chaperones weren't so on the ball, because at the same time he first began to drink.That's right: Christian Slater was nine fucking years old when he had his first drink., and the Jack Nicholson comparisons continued, giving him a useful role model for the life he was living: a bacchanalia of intercourse with thousands of women at once (this from my imagination) and smoking that never led to cancer.

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